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Welcome to the Abroha Journal

If college is a learning experience, starting a company in college is an adventure where you learn to navigate the unmapped landscape before you. No matter how much you plan ahead, accurately predicting the course of the journey always proves to be impossible.

Still, you always gain invaluable experience and learn something new from the spontaneous occurrences that happen along the way. Finding creative ways to solve a problem or having conversations with people that could potentially affect your future come and go as often as that grade point average fluctuates.  

Abroha threads tags

To save money on tags, we ordered business cards from Vistaprint and added the holes and string ourselves.

The prospective uncertainty that lies ahead makes adventures what they are, and Abroha looks forward to taking the future head on, but it also wants to bring its comrades along for the ride.

Jovial Times 

Abroha presents itself as a continuous new experience and adventure in a way that those who frequent second-hand stores or different content creators would be familiar with. Every time you visit, you never know what you’ll stumble upon. With us, you may encounter new blog posts that approach bold topics, recent pictures and stories from members at the company or just a rare retro jacket that sports loud colors your dad may have worn in the 80s.

 Abroha threads outerwear

A team member found the Melonman WaveRider Jacket while browsing a reused clothing provider in Colorado.

Along the way, we also intend to explore some of the implications that come with reusing clothes and investigate how it helps eliminate some of the waste that the textile industry and consumerism produces. We will be experimenting with different approaches, some that may fail miserably and some that may catch on. Regardless, we want you to join us on this endeavor. We’ll give you an adventure, while you help shape the path of ours. 

abroha threads

Author: Tavis Taylor

Bio: Tavis has taken the role of content writer for Abroha's blog. When he is not putting on his Blue Steel face for Abroha photoshoots or writing blog posts, you can find him playing the violin underneath the sycamore tree out back or reading the latest Agatha Christie novel to a group of starstruck freshman girls.