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Threading the Line: A Look Into Sustainable Apparel

Meshing Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Throughout the course of my college education, I have constantly been conflicted. On one hand, I am a business student who is taught that the ultimate goal of a firm is to maximize stockholder value. On the other hand, I am sustainability student who is taught that every decision of a business has an impact on someone, somewhere down the line. I have constantly toiled with what gives. Surely these two can work together. Prior to taking an environmental ethics course this past fall I was a firm believer that capitalism and sustainability could coexist. Capitalism could drive technological change to make up for the negative environmental impact of capitalism. I believed that yes, capitalism is all...

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Welcome to the Abroha Journal

If college is a learning experience, starting a company in college is an adventure where you learn to navigate the unmapped landscape before you. No matter how much you plan ahead, accurately predicting the course of the journey always proves to be impossible. Still, you always gain invaluable experience and learn something new from the spontaneous occurrences that happen along the way. Finding creative ways to solve a problem or having conversations with people that could potentially affect your future come and go as often as that grade point average fluctuates.   To save money on tags, we ordered business cards from Vistaprint and added the holes and string ourselves. The prospective uncertainty that lies ahead makes adventures what they...

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